Fire-Boltt Echo 1300
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Fire-Boltt Echo 1300
Fire-Boltt Echo 1300
Fire-Boltt Echo 1300
Fire-Boltt Echo 1300
Fire-Boltt Echo 1300
Fire-Boltt Echo 1300

Hey,Checkout the Fire-Boltt Echo 1300. Get it only for ₹1,199

Fire-Boltt Echo 1300

₹1,199 Regular price ₹3,499 Sale price

Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 Bluetooth Earphone, Wireless Neckband, in Ear Headset comes with HD Calling & Rich Bass, 9 hours of playtime


  • Speaker Driver

11 mm dynamic speakers

  • Bluetooth


  • Wireless Range


  • Auto Pairing


  • Playtime

8 Hours

  • Stand by time

  • Charging Time

About 2 Hours

  • .Charging Indicator


  • Weight

80 Grams

  • Dimensions

3 x 10 x 15 cm

  • IPX4 Water Resistance
    • Hands Free Calling
    • Ultra Flexi and lightweight


    • Can Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 Bluetooth Neckband take calls?

    Yes, you can attend calls with Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 Bluetooth Neckband as long as it is synced with your smartphone.

    • Does Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 have noise cancelling feature?

    No, Fire-Boltt Echo 1000 Neckband does not have noise cancelling feature.

    • Is Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 waterproof/water-resistant?

    Yes, Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 has IPX4 sweat-resistant rating.

    • What do the inline buttons do?

    With the power button, you can play/pause the music, answer, end and reject calls. The +/-buttons are the volume buttons which also support track changes. To activate Siri or Google Assistant, press the multi-function button.

    • How is the calling?

    The call quality is good as long as the network is good and there are no disturbances in the surroundings.

    • How do I get the best sound?

    Make sure that your mobile is in a good network zone. If you are streaming music, make sure it’s from good quality streaming platforms; the music is within       -metre range.

    • What is the Bluetooth Version of Fire-Boltt Echo 1300?

    Bluetooth v5.0.

    • What is the Bluetooth range of Fire-Boltt Echo 1300?

    Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 has a Bluetooth range of  meters without any obstruction.

    • Is it compatible with iOS devices?

    Yes, Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 is compatible with iOS devices

    • Is it compatible with Android devices?

    Yes, Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 is compatible with Android devices.

    • Does Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 support Google Assistant or Siri?

    Yes, Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 supports Google Assistant and Siri as long as it is synced with your smartphone. To activate either of them, triple press the Multifunction button.

    • How can I charge Fire-Boltt Echo 1300?

    You can charge your Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 Bluetooth Neckband using USB cable. Plug in the USB end to your laptop/desktop or to a wall adaptor and micro USB port into charging point of the Neckband. Once it’s fully charged, the light will turn blue. Note: Use only the USB charger to charge your device.

    • How long does it take for Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 Bluetooth Neckband to get charged?

    It takes up to 2 Hours for Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 to get fully charged.

    • How long does the battery last in Fire-Boltt Echo 1000?

    The playback time of Fire-Boltt Echo 1300 up to 8 hours.

    • To turn on : Press the play button for 2s, the red and blue light will ash and the headset will vibrate indicating it is ready to pair.

    • To turn off : Press the play button for 3 seconds, the red light will ash twice indicating the power off. 

    • Pairing Mode : Once the headset is on, it will be ready to pair. Search the bluetooth name "Fire-Boltt BN 1300" in your device. Once connected, the headset will send a sound connected. 
    • Is there a warranty for this product?

    Yes, there is a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product.

    • Where do I register for the product warranty?

    You can register your warranty at here


    • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. (Special discount prices are valid for a limited time period)
    • Quality of bass and loudness is subjective and may vary from person to person.
    • When watching movies or playing video games, there may be a gap between video and audio.
    • Playback time is dependent upon the audio played at 70% volume after a full charge.
    • Though Bluetooth headphones are of durable quality, please treat the wires gently for long term usage.
    • Actual product may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations/pictures provided.

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