Fite-Boltt Xplode 1500
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Fite-Boltt Xplode 1500
Fite-Boltt Xplode 1500

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Fite-Boltt Xplode 1500

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Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 are Fahionable,Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker with IPX7 Waterproof & Weatherproof Resistance and Enhanced Bass 


  • Speaker Driver

  • Bluetooth


  • Weight

300.01 Grams

  • Dimensions

17.5 x 8.8 x 6.4 cm

  • Water Resistance Rating


  • Hands Free Calling
  • Bluetooth, Auxiliary, TF Card Mode


  • What are the playing modes options available in Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker?

Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 has TF card, USB, Bluetooth mode and the auxiliary mode.

  • How do I control the speaker?

You can control the functions with the buttons available on the speaker. It has power, volume control and track control/play-pause buttons.

  • Does it have an inbuilt mic?

Yes, Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 comes with an inbuilt mic so you take calls easily.

  • What happens when the music is playing and call comes in?

When a call comes in, the music on the Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 will pause and the call will ring through the speaker. You can answer the call through the speaker by pressing the track control/play-pause button. You can attend the call by speaking through the inbuilt mic in the speaker. Once the call ends, the music will resume.

  • How many devices can be paired with Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500?

Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker can be paired with only one product. 

  • Does it have internal memory?

No, Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 does not have an internal memory. 

  • Is the speaker waterproof?

The speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

  • What are the colour options?

Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 is available in 2 distinctive colours:  Green, Black.

  • Is Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 compatible with iPhone?

Yes, Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 is compatible with iPhone.

  • Is Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 compatible with Android?

Yes, Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 is compatible with Android.

  • Is the speaker laptop/PC compatible?

Yes, Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker is compatible with most PCs and laptops via Bluetooth connection. You can also connect the auxiliary wire with the speaker and the PC/laptop to play the music.

  • What is the Bluetooth range?

Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker has a Bluetooth range of 10-20 metres.

  • What is the battery back up?

Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 has a battery backup of 8 hours

  • How do I check the battery level Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker?

You can check the battery level of Fire Boltt Xplode 1500 in your smartphone or laptop.

  • Can I charge Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker from laptop /PC?

Yes, you can charge your Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker from the laptop or PC.

  • Does Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 have fast charging feature?

No, Fire Boltt Xplode speaker does not support fast charging.

  • How to pair the Fire Boltt Xplode 1500 speaker?

Follow the steps:

  • Turn on the speaker.

Note: The blinking blue LED indicates that the speaker is in pairing mode.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.
  • Select for Fire Boltt Xplode 1500 in list of devices and select to pair.
  • Your Xplode 1500 is now paired, ready to be used.
  • Is there a warranty for this product?

Yes, there is a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product.

  • Where do I register for the product warranty?

Please follow the link to register for the warranty,


  • Quality of bass and loudness is subjective and may vary from person to person.
  • The speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating. However, the speaker needs to be dried completely before the next usage.
  • 8 Hours of playtime is dependent upon other (music genre, sound volume) factors.
  • Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations/pictures provided.

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